Machu Picchu in Peru has always been a mystery.

Nestled neatly in the mountains, it is a site with a magnificent landscape.

Obviously, pictures don’t do it justice, and neither does video.

But I captured as much as I could of the scale of it all in this video. And you can view the pictures below it as well.

No vlog here.

Just beauty.

It’s a journey you have to take for yourself just to see it with your own eyes. It’s hard to really take in what it means.

It really is difficult to grasp how majestic it all is.

Across the journey, we met the kindest locals you could ever imagine, ate amazing food at ridiculously amazing prices, and of course, so beautiful landscapes.

I would say the best part about the journey (besides Machu Picchu) was a morning walk we took in a small town in the mountains.

This walk is NOT in the video because it was just too peaceful.

The solitude was amazing. Clean air. Mockingbirds relaxing. A house every couple hundred feet.

It was extremely blissful.

It’s the small moments like these that resonate the most with us. It’s how you look at the world around you that dictates your happiness.

Your happiness only comes from how you choose to look at situations.

We were really worried about the rain ruining the trip. But once we got there, it didn’t rain at all except for a couple of minutes on a bus ride and train ride.

All that worrying for nothing!

If you spend your time worrying, you’ll lose sight of the beauty around you.

Yes, being at the top of the mountain overlooking Machu Picchu is incredible.

But being at the bottom looking up at the unknown is incredible.

It’s all about perspective.

It’s all about the journey.


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