With 2016 in the past, it’s time to think about what you’re going to do next. Those New Year’s Resolutions kick in along with all of the motivation, only to fail miserably just a few weeks in.

I’m setting you up for the long haul. Don’t rely on resolutions. Don’t rely on small changes. Focus on the long-term goal.

Many of you are not living the way you want to be living. Deep down, you know it’s true. I battle with it all the time. All of the fears and all of the ambitions.

You might not be taking care of things you’re supposed to be on top of, or you might slacking in different areas of your life. Everyone goes through a different season. For every one person who had an amazing end of 2016, there are countless others who fell apart mentally, financially, spiritually, and physically.

  • Maybe your relationship fell apart because you decided to give up on communicating.
  • Maybe you had issues at work or school, or even your business that caused you to lose money.
  • Maybe you gained weight that you didn’t intend on, and you’re feeling sluggish and getting sick.
  • Maybe you can’t sleep at night because of all of the worries that are floating in your head.

I made it a goal to read even more this year than I have in the past. And I will say, December was my biggest month when it came to this.

My brain is filling with knowledge that has lifted my spirits. And I want you to have that same knowledge too.

I’m giving away my FREE guide which includes the “5 Books That Will Make You A Better Man in 2017”.

These books will change your life by:

  1. Teaching you how to have confidence in every aspect of your life
  2. Focusing on the things that really matter
  3. Becoming an excellent communicator and caring for others
  4. Going after your passions, dreams, and goals
  5. Creating routines that will change your life
  6. Building good relationships with your loved ones and those you meet for the first time
  7. Hit the ground running and build a business
  8. I could go on and on…

These books are stacked with so much knowledge that you’ll turn back to them long AFTER you’ve finished them.

There are no links in these. I’m not selling you anything. I’m not making any sort of affiliate money off of these.

I just want to give you the knowledge.

Buy the hardcovers if you love the feel of holding a book. Get the eBook version if you would prefer to save space/make it portable. Get the audiobook if you prefer to listen to it. Do whatever makes it easy for you to consume this. I don’t care.

If you’re a slow reader, then read 1 book every 2 months. You’ll still have 2 months to spare at the end of the year to spend time with family during the holidays at the end of 2017.

I’m trying to become a better man every day. The question is, are you?

We’re in this together. Get the free guide now. 

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