Roadblocks happen. How you respond and get around them is what’s important.

I was blogging consistently the first half of the year but when July rolled around I got super busy with some other things and was only able to post once a month.

This is a terrible way to blog. It means I’m losing out on helping you guys have new experiences.

Even my Instagram posting was spotty. Only recently, and by that I mean, the past few weeks, have I been starting to post regularly again. I’ll explain why, but first, here’s what happened.

Good news:

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, and I hope you are, you would have seen that I got engaged! I usually don’t go public with my private life, but this is a milestone in my life and I’m happy to share that with you.

And for this reason, you’ll begin to see deeper into my private life as I move forward pushing content out to you all.

Bad news:

Death in the family: I’ve experienced this a lot in my life, and I rarely ever talk about it. But when it does happen, it is always a reminder to slow down and reflect.

Around this time, I went through a creative rut, and I was unnecessarily upset with myself. This happens to everyone. It’s just something I don’t like happening to me. What made matters worse is that I knew I was behind on creating content in the first place.

So here’s what I did…

Stopping everything, slowing down, reflecting, and taking my time was what I needed to reset everything. It allowed me to spend time breaking down and understanding what I want to do for this blog, for my businesses, and to just continue to make my goal to be happy in whatever it is that I do.

And I think that was the problem, being happy. While I was happy getting engaged, other aspects of my life needed some tweaking.

I fully believe in the idea that you have to keep yourself happy in all areas of life including: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Falling in love with someone solves a lot of problems. But you also can’t depend on someone else for your happiness. You still have to improve yourself to happy. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s just too true.

If I’m not happy, then it will affect my life as a newly engaged couple. Turns out though, my fiance is insanely understanding and unknowingly gives me a boost even when she doesn’t know what’s wrong with me. She’s just awesome like that.

I’ve made some more changes in my life to get out of that creative rut. Here’s what I started to do and plan to do from here on out:

  • Wake up earlier (18 days in as I write this)
  • (trying) to go to sleep earlier
  • Working on content earlier
  • Journaling – Writing down things I’m grateful for
  • Spending time in silence
  • Visualizing my success
  • Fitness 5-6 days per week

Collectively, these things have made me more productive, and as a result, happier.

And now, it is breaking me out of my creative rut. So as I am getting things in place when it comes to business, this blog will be taking off.

I will be blogging much more about men’s lifestyle, travel, fitness, success, and just really cool stuff that I enjoy and KNOW that you’ll enjoy!

The goal isn’t just for me to get better, but for you to improve every aspect of your life as well!

That might mean buying that new coat so you feel more confident about yourself. Or buying that new phone, not because it looks cool, but because maybe yours is buggy and a new phone will improve your productivity.

It might mean staying in that lodge this winter to get away from the daily grind. And then when you get there, you feel refreshed, energized, and have a new outlook on life that allows you to grind harder.

It could mean buying that book that’s been on your wish list for a year and you never got around to it. Then you read it and  wonder where your life would be today if you had read it a year ago. Note: This happens to me all the time.

It’s all about perspective and improving that perspective.

So if you want to stay up to date, you should definitely sign up to receive updates from me. Things will be light and sometimes they’ll get deep and personal. We all face struggles, but we all want to live a better life.

No one wakes up and says, I hope today is worse than yesterday.

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We’re all in this together!

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