As a man, I’m the worst when it comes to staying moisturized. It doesn’t matter how many products I buy, I just get annoyed having to put on creams and lotions to keep my face feeling fresh. There are just so many men’s facial care products, I don’t care to constantly use 4-6 of them every day.

I still make attempts even if I’m feeling lazy. I mean, you do have to take care of your face. It goes through so much throughout the day.

So I try to at least build up the habit of applying moisturizer and caring for my face, except I see breakouts over the next few days.

It really sucks. Because here I am thinking, “Ok, I’m not a teen anymore, so my face shouldn’t break out as much. Everything should be smooth, just like those A-list actors.”


For years, I’ve still been getting breakouts, using product after product. Researching, browsing, buying, using, tossing. The cycle repeats itself.

It came down to using crappy products that just put unnecessary oils and chemicals into my skin, causing ingrown hairs and tiny red spots on my skin. Good men’s facial care products are hard to come by.

I got sick of it and stopped applying any product except Jojoba oil. On the one hand, I don’t get the red spots, but on the other hand my skin isn’t as nourished or moisturized, which is a recipe for disaster come old age.

So then I partnered with Kiehl’s to test out their new “Age Defender” line for men. I’m not old so I don’t face the issues of super-dry skin or heavy wrinkles. But when 30 rolls around I’ll start to get scared.

For that reason, it’s better to start now.

Here’s the thing about quality products like Kiehl’s… your face doesn’t feel like crap after you put it on.

Your skin is smooth and without any ridiculous shine.

My face doesn’t break out the next day either. Everyone’s face and skin chemistry is different. Maybe you have to go into a Kiehl’s store and test it out yourself. If it doesn’t cause any issues with your skin, it’s a solid bet.

Here are the 3 products I tried:

  • Age Defender Power Serum
  • Age Defender Eye Repair
  • Age Defender Moisturizer

I’ll go into detail on the first one…


STEP 1: Age Defender Power Serum


This serum is designed to lift your skin, prevent sagging, and just give it more life. Serums are generally supposed to be applied before moisturizers because they essentially boost the effect of them. You can this by yourself without the moisturizer or together with it. I FELT benefits after the first day, but I really SAW benefits after a couple of days. There’s definitely a difference. My skin was a bit brighter, with low shine, and just glowed better.

Most serums feel too greasy. I’m anti-grease when it comes to ANY product. I can promise you that this one is not greasy at all.


You only need a little bit to apply across your face. By that I mean, I don’t even apply a full pump for my entire face. Think of it as if you’re applying a paper-thin layer across your face. That’s all you need. You can apply the moisturizer afterwards.

But I actually apply the following one next..


STEP 2: Age Defender Eye Repair

There are a ton of Eye Repair formulas for men out there. I’ve tried a bunch of them over the years because of my dark circles. Then I realized they were heavy creams that nearly weighed down my face. And that I can’t actually get rid of my dark circles due to genetics.

But I can reduce their appearance by a couple of things:

  1. Sleep
  2. Drinking more water
  3. Moisturizing effectively

I always take care of 1 and 2. But what about 3? Those heavy creams just never worked.

So I gave the Age Defender Eye Repair a go, and lo and behold, extremely lightweight. A couple of seconds after applying it around my eyes and I felt nothing.

Feeling nothing is a good thing when it comes to moisturizer, especially around the eyes.

The area looked brighter and less dull. If I gently run my fingers over it, it really is smooth. Daily application of this over the long haul will have serious benefits.


Take a small amount on your pinky or ring finger and apply gently around the eyes in a smooth motion. A little goes a long way here.


STEP 3: Age Defender Moisturizer

You already read my rant about moisturizers at the beginning of this article. You know that moisturizers cause me to break out so it’s hard to find a decent one.

Finally, with the Age Defender Moisturizer, that’s been fixed. You will have to test it out for yourself though like I said earlier. Make sure you test to see the following effects on your face:

  • Light feeling – Practically feels like nothing even though the moisturizer is thick
  • Easy to apply – Should go on smooth
  • No breakouts – depending on your skin chemistry
  • Minimized lines and wrinkles – depends on how deep the lines are, but it should smooth them out 40-60% if not more
  • No grease – your skin should feel smooth, not like a pan ready for baking


Apply a small amount of the product to skin. If you used the serum first, you definitely won’t need much. But even without the serum, this is a great daily product to use.

if you have generally greasy skin, apply a smaller amount and test it.

I can definitely seeing this being a staple for years to come.


You should definitely check out the Kiehl’s Age Defender line for Men. I’m usually skeptical about men’s face care products. However, I’m seriously glad I tried these.

I was really surprised at how light they felt on my face, and smooth my face was for the rest of the day. I’m excited to test these out in the winter as well.

While the products may not be cheap, they are really worth it to take care of your face for years to come. Go and test them out in the store to see if you like them.

Let me know which ones you like!

Note: I partnered with Kiehl’s for this product but I am in no way getting paid for this post or review. This is completely unbiased.

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