The thing about sunglasses and men is that we have a bad habit of wearing the wrong ones for the shape of our faces. The goal is to pick something that sits well on your face that you can see clearly out of in all directions. Because of the summer sun, you don’t want rays  leaking in too much on the sides.

Summer Use

And here’s the thing, don’t wear your Armani shades to go whitewater rafting or on a roller coaster at Disney. You’d be surprised how many people don’t factor in the environment when it comes to specific uses.

If you’re going water skiing and you need to wear sunglasses, get something that’s made for an active lifestyle, like ones from Oakley, or Nike, or Fossil.

If you’re spending time at a party on the beach, or out on a boat, you can opt for something more classic but that will still withstand the weather.

Use common sense when it comes to wearing sunglasses and plan accordingly for scenarios just like you would with your shoes. You take care of your feet, so take care of your eyes.

Shopping and Fitment

By all means, you can order sunglasses online. But if you have the chance to try them in store, do your best to do so. You can always order them online if you find a cheaper price.

If you really want to buy online more often, take note of the mm length of the different parts of the glasses. Once you try on a bunch, you’ll understand the proper range of lengths you can use.

Many online sites, such as Sunglass Warehouse, provide this information in the details section.

You don’t need to memorize all of the details of what fits your face. You just want to understand the range.

Example: I know that any lens beyond 54 mm is too big for my face because I have high cheekbones. 50-54mm is the best range for me for lenses and I can play with various bridge lengths. So I know what I can buy online now.

One last note, opt for polarized versions as much as you can. Polarized is better for your eyes, reduces UV light, and reduces glare. It’s obviously super helpful in the summer.

I have 4 pairs of quality sunglasses, but only of them is polarized. Guess which one gets used the most in sunny Florida?

Here ya go…

  1. The Beachwear

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Floral

Classic design with an added twist. The floral is on the inside of the frame so it’s a nice addition. The green gradient lenses are great for the sun.

Also, Wayfarers are super durable.

2. The Summer Daily

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses Steel / Polarized Grey

Oakley offers this style in various colors. I’ve seen orange and green. Their frames are super durable and the lenses are impact-resistant. It’s something you can wear to the beach and then to the taco shack.


3. For The Barbecue

Marc by Marc Jacobs Unisex – Polarized Aviator Sunglasses, Black Ruthenium & Gradient Shade Polarized, 63 mm

These are polarized versions of the classic aviator. Slightly more rounded lenses by Marc Jacob. These are 63mm compared to Ray-Ban’s 59mm. But note that your face can handle larger aviator lenses because of the nature of the shape. Large ones would only touch your face at one point as opposed to the entire bottom edge. These are ones are great for the price.


4. The Sunday Sunglasses

Persol PO0649S Sunglasses Havana Blue Vintage Celebration w/ Polarized Green Gradient Lens

Another classic design. This time with polarized green lenses. I love tortoise and amber frames.

This one adds a touch of blue to the frames. It’s a great set of shades for sunny areas. Wear them to brunch with your lady or for a Sunday drive with the top down.


5. The Active Guy

Oakley Mens GasCan Sunglasses, Matte Black Frame/Black Polarized Iridium Lens

Spending a lot of time doing action sports this summer? These are a staple of the Oakley brand. I try to avoid covering a brand twice in the same article, but these are just an amazing, durable option for men that need them.

Yes, they are a little pricey considering you might lose them in the water. But if you avoid that, they are great for nearly any scenario.


Remember, take care of your eyes and make sure they fit your face. And please take into account how you’ll use them. That’s the key to choosing the right pair of sunglasses.

What are your summer go-to sunglasses? Leave a comment and let me know!

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