With summer just around the corner, it’s recommended that men change their hairstyles to reflect the season. It’s not about fashion, but rather about having a functional style to suit the weather.

If you’re going on a vacation, you never know what you’ll run into. Winds, rain, or even the biggest enemy: humidity.

In the past, I’ve had to focus on short hairstyles for humid environments. If you’re visiting Florida, be prepared to deal with this. My hair loses its texture in hot, humid weather, which is 95% of the time in Florida.

However, this year, I’ve been growing out my hair and going to maintain a medium-length hairstyle going into fall/winter.

My hair gets curly when wet so I’m prepared to face this in the Florida rain.

I mention all of this because YOU have to figure out what hairstyle suits you. Do you prefer short? Medium? Long?

Are you able to take care of it day in and day out, styling as necessary?

Medium and long lengths require more upkeep depending on the nature of your hair. This is why short hair is preferred for most men.

But don’t let someone else’s preferences sway you. Choose what you feel works best for you this summer. Just understand what you’ll be dealing with. Be conscious of how much you’re willing to take care of your hair if you’re out in different environments, like:

  • Beaches
  • Pools
  • Festivals
  • Parks
  • Any outdoors activity

In most of these activities, your hair can lose its style, and that’s ok. Sometimes, hair looks best when messy.

But always remember, nothing beats a well-groomed hairstyle regardless of the season.

I’ve rounded up a bunch of hairstyles this summer to suit different lengths. These pictures vary from celebrities, to entrepreneurs, to men’s lifestyle bloggers.

NOTE: Most of these hair styles can fit under different interpretations of short/medium/length. Many are some combination of them, And sometimes, styling alone can make a medium length hair look short and vice versa. Medium length starts at around 3-4 inches but can still be styled to look short. You want to just go by how certain hairstyles would look on your face. Would short hair even fit your face regardless of the season? Take note of different characteristics and see how they apply to you.



Men's summer hairstyles

Short – Morris Motley


Short - Ryan Gosling

Short – Ryan Gosling


Short to Medium - Adam Gallagher

Short to Medium – Adam Gallagher


Short to Medium - Chris Evans

Short to Medium – Chris Evans


Short to Medium Nick Bateman

Short to Medium – Nick Bateman


Medium - Jordan O"Brien

Medium – Jordan O”Brien


Medium - MDV

Medium – MDV


Medium Morris Motley

Medium – Morris Motley


Medium Sam Wines

Medium – Sam Wines


Hollister Medium

Medium – Hollister Summer Campaign


Long RIch Roll

Long – RIch Roll


Long Jay Alvarez

Long and Curly – Jay Alvarez

What hairstyle are you going to go with this summer? Comment down below!

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