As we get into Spring, there are a ton of brands continuing to launch awesome seasonal items. Sounds like food doesn’t it?

Because I’m currently in Florida, there really is no Spring. The days are high 80s and nights are low 70s. On a good day it’s high 70s and mid 60s at night, but that’s rare. It usually goes straight into Summer because those 80s go to 90s very quickly. The point is that down here, I have to be very selective about what I buy for Spring, because there’s only a small window of when I can actually wear them.

With that said, I can still manage thinner fabric long sleeve shirts in the Summer, so I tend to grab some of those in the Spring knowing I’ll get longer use out of them. Also, these carry over to Fall in Florida.

I still manage to wear lightweight jackets in Spring in Florida just because I like them. And to be honest, it’s very common to walk in to a store or restaurant that has the A/C blowing, so I never know when I’ll need it (or when my girlfriend will).

Enough background info, here are the good stuff.


  1. Orlebar Brown – Beckett – Perfect for the weekend getaway

This is the priciest one on the list. Orlebar Brown makes seriously comfortable items that are made for moving around. Whether you’re going to the beach, brunch, or even dinner on a vacation, this long sleeve slub shirt is perfect. I love darker henleys style shirts.


2. Mont Blanc Legend Spirit – An invigorating scent for any time of day

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Mont Blanc Legend line. It was always an intense strong scent which I loved for nights out. This new one is a huge hit. They’ve added grapefruit to it to give it a fresher scent that goes great in the Spring and upcoming Summer weather. It’s that type of everyday cologne you can use throughout the season. Not too strong. Not too weak. It just might be my favorite of their line. I’ll have to try it out some more.

3. Mango – Technical Field Jacket – Great all around jacket for day or night

I’m a huge fan of versatile jackets. I have a handful of jackets that I wear constantly, and a bunch that I only wear for a specific occasion. This field jacket is great for dressing up or down, day or night. You can wear it to the office during the day and go out on the town at night. Or you can wear it for a pleasant Saturday picnic with your lady and then go for a top down drive during sunset. It’s one of the best jackets you can buy right now. I really love the one by Mango because it has a slim cut but not super skinny at the waist, with a bunch of pockets to give it a touch of casual. I prefer the navy on this one which allows me to get creative with the rest of the layers.

4. Zara – Leather Loafers with Contrast Soles – Just enough color to be different but not loud

Espadrilles are going to be an even bigger hit this year than last year. So expect that in my men’s summer 2016 list. For Spring, I’m going with these outstanding colored loafers from Zara. They don’t really stand out until you start walking. That contrast sole is just enough color to make things pop. Pair this with that slub shirt from Orlebar Brown, and you have yourself a very classic look for any outdoor event this spring.

5. H&M – Blazer Slim Fit in Dark Gray Melange – A simple jacket for when you need it

I’m all for buying quality blazers, ones that last a lifetime. However, I have some pretty cheap, affordable blazers that are great to use when you want to throw it over a t-shirt and jeans. If you have an awesome henley underneath, the blazer just adds a touch of sophistication to it so you can walk into a nice restaurant. That’s where the H&M blazer comes in. Dark grey is the right color to not draw too much attention to the actual blazer itself. Just make sure it fits. The goal is to make sure the rest of your outfit has a clean, streamlined look. I take really good care of my blazers from H&M, so while you pay for what you get, it’s actually a great deal if you know how to take care of it and know when to wear it. As we get into summer, you’ll see that I’ll go for light colored blazers to complement outfits. I love the silhouette when dark pieces are paired nicely together. When summer rolls around, I’ll have to throw in some more color.

Hope you liked these picks! Next month I’ll post some Summer 2016 favorites.

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