As I begin travelling and blogging more this year, I’m going to be posting on Snapchat about different things that won’t make it to Instagram or the blog. I’ll be interacting one on one to answer questions. A lot of what I post on Snapchat will be small tips, tidbits, and info about men’s fashion, lifestyle, business, relationships, etc.

The business aspect is starting to be a big deal. I’m more than happy to answer questions about the journey that is “entrepreneur life”.

By now you already know how to add someone on Snapchat.

  1. Add by Username – @anthonyglobal – Go ahead and type it in
  2. Add by Snapcode – When you go to “Add Friends”, use my code on the right!

A lot of bloggers and influencers will be using Snapchat primarily this year. So get on it and make sure you follow your favorites!

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