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New York is one of those places that makes you feel like anything is possible. Partly because it’s true. Partly because it’s easy to get caught up in a place where everyone is hustling.

Goals and dreams bring people here to achieve what they feel will have an effect on the world.

It’s amazing to walk the streets of Manhattan and see people from all different walks of life just grinding away. People are there because something deep inside of them pushes them to strive for more.

And then there is something magical about walking a few blocks from the DoubleTree on Lexington I was staying at, and heading to the center of Central Park. Very quickly, the noise disappears. The grind and hustle can be forgotten in a matter of moments.

I love visiting New York. This was a very quick trip but I squeezed in a lot more time in Manhattan.

Central Park.


Little Italy.


Ice skating in Bryant Park.

The hotel I stayed at was seriously impressive. I will definitely be staying at the DoubleTree on Lexington in the future. The customer service was just spectacular and I can’t complain about the location. The subways were at the corner and it was close enough to Times Square without the crowd. Next door, there’s a great coffee shop called Demarco’s Coffee. Fresh baked pastries, cookies, and warm drinks were my go-to.

I took my winter Abercrombie and Fitch pieces. Peacoat, sweaters, pullovers, tees, jeans, and a knit cap. I had no issues staying warm even with the temperatures dropping throughout the weekend. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible knowing I was going to do a lot of walking.

Speaking of walking… my average steps were 18,000 each day throughout the trip (not including workouts). In Florida, if you’re lucky to get 3,000 (not including any cardio or workouts). I get excited about simple things. And this my friends, was VERY exciting for me.

Hope you enjoyed the fun!

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