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This is just a quick video review of the Luxbox Case from the Wonderful Things Factory. It’s a great minimal, modern case that is actually very elegant for the iPhone 6 or 6S. I am not a fan of bulky cases. I will use a Lifeproof when I’m at the beach or skiing, but otherwise I like my phone without a case or a very slim one.

The Luxbox case is definitely a slimmer case and I absolutely love it!

theWTFactory makes 2 different versions of this. One is a black or dark anthracite color which is very hip and chic. I have the wood version which I actually think looks great when paired with my white iPhone 6.

The feel of the wood on the back of the case is amazing! It’s smooth to the touch but also gives you enough substance to grab on to. It never feels like the phone will slip out of your hand.

It’s pretty light for a case considering how sturdy and rugged it is. It hugs the phone but is surprisingly easy to get on and off when desired (without scratching). It’s NOT one of those cases that will randomly remove itself from your phone. I’ve had for too many of those and they’re really annoying.

There are perfect cutouts for the buttons so they’re easily accessible. Also, there is a protective edge on the top and bottom of the phone to protect the all-too-easy-to-be-scratched bezels. And yet, it still maintains a slim profile.

I’m really loving the case. To be honest, I thought I would use it for a week and have to swap it out for something else. It’s still on my phone as I type this and will continue to be for some time.

Check out the video to get a better look at the case.

You should definitely check out the Wonderful Things Factory and grab a Luxbox case. If you want to let them know I sent you, you can use the promo code “AnthonyGlobal”.

And if you want updates on when the next videos are coming out, follow me on Snapchat @anthonyglobal.

Hope you find the info useful.



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