Frankfurt is a very iconic place in Germany. You immediately witness history just walking out into the cobblestone streets.

I shopped at Zeil where they set up Christmas decorations. But unfortunately I couldn’t get any images with the lights on. It’s a huge tourist spot so maybe you might want to see it once and be done with it. Regardless, if you’re shopping here, you’ll have plenty of stores to browse. I had to stop by Mango since I’ve never been able to shop there.

Historical architecture is everywhere.. scattered across the town as you look across the skyline. It’s amazing how they blended different types of buildings between each other. It’s just “in with old, in with the new”.

Zeil reminds me a bit of Wall Street with all the businessmen. BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche dominate the streets. It is Germany after all, but the affluent reside here for sure.

I went with a Kenneth Cole black overcoat, henley, and dark jeans to get through this trip. At night, the temperatures dropped down to the low 40s Fahrenheit but with a serious wind chill. At that point I would also throw on a Kenneth Cole sweater.

Breakfast at the NH Hotel in Frankfurt was incredible. A ton of selection of food from pastries to eggs to deli meats and cheeses. My first intention was to go to a cafe, but because of my schedule, this worked out better. I would’ve regretted it had I not eaten there! Amazing meal and a great stay. I’d definitely stay here again.

I was hit with some jet lag because of this trip which affected my productivity severely. International travel is always difficult for me. I just have to do it more to get used to it.

As a result of the jet lag, I was waking up at 3 or 4 am on most nights. So instead of tossing and turning the entire time, I would wake up and just get some work done before hitting the gym at 6 am. I loved it except for the fact that I wasn’t falling asleep until 12 am. So 3-4 hours of sleep is not healthy. Some people can do just fine on that sleep. I simply can’t.

My goal this new year is to continue lock in a schedule that allows me to wake up by 5 or 6 am, so I can be productive and still have energy throughout the day.

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