Everyone knows the most common New Year’s Resolution..


“I’m going to lose weight this year!”


“This is the year I finally start eating better.”


“I’m going to go to the gym every day.”


And by January 11th (I’m being generous here), these get tossed out the window.


It’s ok. Because the gyms already received their sign up fees and their first month’s payment.


Don’t fall into this trap! Don’t let this be another year where you fail to reach your health goals along with millions of other people.


I laid out my health goals this year. It looks like a lot. But it isn’t. I just know where I want to be a year from now and what has and hasn’t worked for me. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’ve always loved fitness. So I’m going to keep learning and apply what I know.


You may be starting from scratch. Or maybe you know a thing or two about fitness. Or maybe you love fitness. Or maybe you hate it.


Doesn’t matter.


The purpose of this is to keep you motivated throughout the year (and beyond).


Most people do too much.


“I’m going to eat 500 calories a day.”


“I’ll just eat crackers and drink water.”


“I’m going to eat low carb, lift weights, and run 10 miles a day.”


“I’m going to go from eating burgers and pizza to boiled chicken and broccoli.”


“I’m going to lift as heavy as I can on every workout. I don’t care!”


None of this works. You can’t make drastic changes like these and expect them to work.


Yes, it’s best you learn something about basic nutrition. Though, you don’t have to overload yourself.


You already know what to do.


  • Don’t eat too much sugar.
  • Eat a lot if you want to gain weight.
  • Eat less if you want to lose weight.
  • Move more
  • Sleep well
  • Drink a lot of water


If you want better results, you can take it further. And there are a ton of websites with information.


BodyBuilding.com – http://bodybuilding.com

  • Great for Men and Women. There are a lot of basic principles that repeated throughout.
  • For Beginners to Intermediate

T-Nation – http://t-nation.com

  • Don’t get scared off by the large muscles. The writers are fitness EXPERTS. They understand the science behind nutrition and training methodologies every type of exercise. Also, great for both men and women.
  • For Beginners to Experts.

Nerd Fitness – http://nerdfitness.com

  • Simple, basic principles for getting started on fitness and nutrition.
  • For Beginners


You also have YouTube to go by as well.

  • Rob Riches
  • Christian Guzman
  • Zach Zeller
  • Marc Fitt
  • Layne Norton


There are a ton of resources. My advice is to follow the experts.


When you look at styles, you always see what the models and stars are doing first. When you want advice on business, you always hear what the most successful have to say first.


Why not do the same when it comes to fitness? The experts may not look like what you want, but they still have the knowledge to help you.


You may not want to build a computer empire, but I’m sure you’ve still paid attention to Steve Jobs.


I have a degree in Biomedical Sciences along with extensive research in body composition.  And you still don’t have to listen to me. There are a ton of resources you can go to. They’ll teach you everything you need to do.



So how do you put in the work?

  1. You could make a spreadsheet about your goals and track them every month.
  1. You could get a workout log book, and track each repetition, set, and weight.
  1. You could calculate percentages in your workouts.


Blah blah blah. Still too much.


If you don’t keep it simple, you’ll never put in the work. Once you do that, you can start doing more later. Just start now!


Here is the easiest way to motivate yourself AND stay on track:


  • Start a private Instagram account with “YourNameFitness” (or whatever name you want).
  • In the description, put your fitness goal:
    • Goal weight, body fat %, strength gains, muscle mass gains, bodyweight movements, endurance goals, etc.
  • Your first post is a picture of yourself with your current weight and status of your goal. If you weight 245 and want to weigh 200, put your current weight as 200.
  • Every day for the next 3 months, post a picture of yourself with a description of where you are with your goal.


That’s it.


You’re wondering, why 3 months? Why not the entire year? Because I guarantee when you start seeing results in those 3 months, you’ll continue it for a year.


Why make the account private? You can make it public if you’d like. It’s great to have others motivate you. If you want internal motivation, to prove that only you can make yourself improve, then make it private.


Note: If private, your friends can follow you on your journey and they will keep you motivated. If you happen to make it public, you’ll get plenty of positive feedback, so it is up to you. In 3 months, you’ll probably want to make it public anyway.


One more note: You can use your current account if you’d like. I suggested a separate account because it’s easier to scroll through all of the pictures when they’re similar. It will save time when you want to see changes one photo after the next.


The goal is to document the progress. To see where you’re going. If you can VISUALLY see it, day by day, picture by picture, you’ll know if you’re on the right track. And when you see you’re on the right track, you’ll keep going.


I encourage everyone to do this. Men, women, young or old. Couples can enjoy it as well by doing a couples instagram.


It’s a photo log for you. You can get creative. At first you’ll post daily selfies. And then maybe you’ll post your latest athletic shoes. Or your healthy meal. Or cheat meal. Just don’t forget to post yourself, because your visual changes are the most important.

You can always do more if you’d like. Track your calories in MyFitnessPal. Find new and exciting exercises. Join a fitness forum related to your favorite type of workout. Read research publications on nutrition. The list keeps going. What’s important is that even if you don’t do any of that, you’re still making daily progress.

You’re taking the picture. And it’s motivating you to go do the work. That’s all it comes down to.

What are your fitness and health goals this upcoming year? Are you making an Instagram account?

Leave a comment because I want to know all about what you want.

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