When you put on a suit, make sure it fits and make sure you feel comfortable wearing it. Also, don’t just put it on and think you’re too cool, especially if you get compliments. Someone will probably compliment you if you wear a gray suit. So when you receive it, say thank you nicely.

This is a light gray suit from Zara. Amazing fit. Clean and simple finish. You can go crazy with patterns if you want because YOU WILL BE NOTICED in a gray suit. I tried to keep it classy with a more neutral look. This was my first suit from Zara US.

If you need a slimmer suit. Get it from Zara. I ordered my standard size and it fit great. You can always get it tailored.

You’ll look great in any business meeting or on a date. The gray suit is the ONE suit every man needs to own. If you own two, the other would be a navy suit.

Wear it. Be professional. Be respectful. Love one another. Even though Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean you can go back to being a jerk. Do what you need to do to take care of those around you. Don’t just put on a suit and think you’re a boss. Act like one.

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