It really is incredible when you stop and take a walk across some bricks and wonder about all the people that have walked along that same path.

In St. Augustine, FL, you can find the oldest church and the oldest fort in the US. And then you’ll find the oldest road, and oldest homes, and the list just keeps going. It’s amazing how much history can be found in such a small town.Some of the most amazing architecture can be found in St. Augustine, as you can see by the pictures.

You have:

  • Castillo de San Marcos – Oldest fort in the US
  • Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine – Oldest church in Florida – built in 1565
  • Memorial Presbyterian Church – Built by Henry Morrison Flagler.
  • And just so many more sites to see

Flagler’s story is incredible. He came from nothing, left school at 14 to make $5 per month, and continued to provide value as best he can which turned him into a sales tycoon.

Most of Florida thrived because of what Henry Flagler built. Today, people like to throw around the word “entrepreneur”. If you want to see what a real entrepreneur is, read up on Flagler.

Put in the work in your business. And then go and talk about it. When Gary Vaynerchuck says he outworked you, it means he really outworked you.

For Christmas, I imagine many of you will be working. Just remember to take time out for your loved ones. All we have at the end of the day are our loved ones. No dollar count or revenue will ever measure up to that.

In St. Augustine, they have something called Night of Lights every year. The entire town is decorated with lights. Just grab yourself some hot cocoa (or some ice cream from Kilwin’s if it’s warm) and hop on a horse carriage ride around town. It’s only 40 minutes and you get a history lesson about all of the different locations. It’s a really awesome experience.

Have a Merry Christmas! Be grateful for what you have as you try to reach your goals.


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