I have a problem. If you look at my to do list, you’ll see the entire sheet filled in seconds (paper size doesn’t matter which makes it even worse). I may be thinking way too much or just stressing out at the list even after completing some of the tasks. Unwinding is the best way to recuperate and hammer away at the list later on.

It’s always great to go some place with some scenery and spend some time to think, meditate, or pray. Successful people always find ways to break away mentally in order to reflect, come up with new ideas, and just de-stress, so they can later execute where it is needed.

Find a place where you feel comfortable and can relax. And if you don’t already know of one, it’s great to explore!

This location is in sunny Sarasota, FL… the Ringley grounds to be exact. It’s a place you have to see just once to realize how incredible it is.

I went with a jacket from Banana Republic and a shirt from J crew for this one. I just wanted to be comfortable and dodge some rain earlier in the day. Once the sun peeked through the clouds it was great!

Be comfortable. Go relax. Have fun.

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