As I launch this endeavor, I will start with some of my previous shoots. It’s because of these that I was encouraged to start this journey. I’m glad you all are here as I try to teach and inspire with various forms of improvement in lifestyle, fashion, fitness/health, design, faith, and every aspect of one’s life. This will be a collection of what humans are able to construct through well-crafted goods and through what God has created with the vast landscapes of this beautiful world. My approach is to share with you what is accessible on this globe, so that you might access it too. Enough about the mission, now on to the reason you clicked this post…



This specific outfit is surprisingly simple. I was inspired by the classic American style of the 1950s and 60s which has a huge influence on my basic, casual style. I do enjoy the English and Italian looks for when it’s time to suit up. But nothing beats a classic Brando or James Dean look. If you caught it on my Instagram, you might see a few black and white inspired versions of this.

I’m wearing a leather jacket by Topman USA. It’s a bit more aggressive with the style and the sleeves are a little tighter, which is what I like for this type of jacket. Topman makes great stuff for my body type and the quality is amazing. I see myself keeping this piece for a very long time. The shirt is by Levi’s Vintage. It’s a 1950’s style cotton tee, and looks like it came right out of that era. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re basically what made Levi’s what it is today. They make the classic, old school looks by Levi’s from the early days with the same styles and are selling them today. It’s amazing that these iconic pieces have not been lost. I would buy everything they sell if I could. A little pricey though, but you can catch some sales here and there. I bought mine from


Hope you find the info useful.



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